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Vipharco´s expertise lies in experience and knowledge of the EURO and Vietnam market. The strength of Vipharco comes from our ability to work closely with collaboration partners, ultimately maximizing the returns from varied joint ventures.
The company Vipharco markets, researches and distributes an extensive range of products manufactured by EU GMP, GMP Pic/S certified pharmaceutical producer and is bringing the most efficient solutions by offering wider range of global choices.

The company is operating on pharmaceutical, medical equipment, Cosmetic, Food supplement market within EURO and Vietnam region where support local pharmaceutical , medical equipment, cosmetic, food supplement producers but also cooperate with many exclusive business partners worldwide, who provides high quality products

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IN LICENSING / EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTIONS/ Supplies of broad portfolio of finish products of European quality within the Vietnam region

Vipharco gives assistance to pharmaceutical companies in defining its in-/out-licensing strategy and maximizing the value of their products and technologies. In and out-licensing activities are excellent opportunities for companies that want to quickly expand their portfolio or obtain an immediate return on investment. Vipharco represents the whole range of European and world manufacturers of finish products in the markets of Vietnam countries. Long-term cooperation is mutually beneficial for contractual parties to attain long-term goals. Vipharco has become an exclusive and preferred distributor in pharmaceutical industry within Vietnam region what brings number of advantages for its customers like are reliability and exclusivity in the deal; guaranteed quality of product and services; flexibility and professional attitude; efficiency and prompt delivery. Our goal is delivering market and create outstanding value for you.

Marketing and Sales support

Medical capabilities/ Financial Intermediation (we cover receivable risk)

Co-developments and support of business partners in R&D project

Vipharco cooperates with many R&D specialized institutions and continuously stays involved in implementation of results in the practice. The company has successfully executed several co-development projects and initiates a number of end-to-end generic development projects. Vipharco is committed to manage the entire project from sourcing/development of APIs to development and validation of formulations to the compilation of registration dossiers, ensuring that all parties execute their tasks thoroughly.

Transfer of pharmaceutical technology

The process of transferring pharmaceutical technology into other operation requires many key factors to guarantee its success. Vipharco as a reliable and skilled partner offers smooth running of the process for its clients. The success depends on detailed and reliable communication between two parties, past experience and skilled team in project management, discipline and necessary documentation.

Pharmacovigilance capabilities

Welcome to our Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance services section!
Our Pharmacovigilance system is fully aligned with ICH and other international standards.

Quality/ GSP/GDP Certificate

The European company Vipharco operates a pharmaceutical GSP, GDP warehouse in Vietnam suitable for storage, handling, loading and unloading of palletized goods, labelling and relabelling of goods, repackaging of the goods and distribution of custom cleared the goods to countries of the Vietnam region. The company works exclusively with APIs, excipients, drugs, medical goods including dietary supplements and cosmetics. The warehouse is licensed by Vietnam Ministry of Health and it complies with Vietnam and international requirements specified for pharmaceutical warehouse GSP and GDP, temperature controlled, and security limited access.

Marketing & Sale

Vipharco operates in all 63 provinces and cities through a distribution network and branches, markets the company’s existing portfolio, and the most important thing is to expand future for developing and new products.

Import & Export

Vipharco’s global reach is controlled and its headquarters in France ensures ability to provide export service timely and variously for European prestige products, meeting the ever-changing demands of hospitals, pharmacies in Vietnam, etc. We provide entrusted import-export service with reasonable cost. For more details, please contact us via email: imp&exp@vipharco.com

Regulatory capabilities

Vipharco offers a full range of regulatory expertise ranging from consultation services in connection with product development or in-licensing projects, the provision of regulatory assistance regarding marketing authorization procedures, the compilation of marketing authorization applications for existing products to full product maintenance during the life-cycle of a product. Vipharco offers the customers reliable support in handling regulatory and market access challenges related to the products.                                                                                            

Vipharco’s Regulatory Affairs has more than 20 years of experience in regulatory submissions Vietnam

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