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Company profile

Vipharco. is a fully-serviced pharmaceutical, medical equipment, Cosmetic, Food supplement company, that researches, markets and Regulatory, distributes European highest quality products to its customers within the Vietnam region. Based on many years of experience of operation, orientation and knowledge of the local pharmaceutical markets, the company gained status of strong and responsible partner for Vietnam.

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1982 : Creation of VIPHARCO
1986 : Acquisition of LISABIO (In vitro diagnostic)
1991 : Acquisition of HYCEL (In vitro diagnostic)
1992 : Merger of HYCEL and LISABIO (Merger under the name of HYCEL - GROUPE LISABIO)
1997 : HYCEL - GROUPE LISABIO become HYCEL DIAGNOSTICS.                                                              
2000 : VIPHARCO sells HYCEL DIAGNOSTIC to BIOCODE and act as shareholder.                                                                                                                                                                               

Mission - Value - Vision

Vipharco is constantly looking for breakthroughs that will change the face of the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry in Vietnam. We are trying to find ways to provide health care services with innovative solutions that aim to serve medical science to prevent and treat diseases to ensure a high quality life. Our vision at Vipharco is to become the leading company in an ever-changing industry by providing high quality products, thoughtful and dedicated services for customer’s benefit. We are committed to attracting, developing and training the highest qualification people in the pharmaceutical industry. We will try our best to actively maintain a creative environment, contributing to the company’s success and development. By wisely investing in and recognizing common interests with our business partners, we strive to achieve long-term growth and provide the partners with significant benefits. We also continue to look for partnerships with research institutes, manufacturers (Pharmaceutical industry) as well as hospitals, pharmacies, etc. to further strengthen our presence in the new treatment fields and participate in high-growth markets

Human resources

Over the past 30 years, Vipharco’s human resource was our biggest asset. Currently, there are more than 100 people working in the company, including pharmacists, engineers, accountants, sales staff who are loyal and committed to the Company’s values and vision, and always try their best to gain achievements and development. With the integrity, responsibility and their difficult works, they have made a great contribution to the company’s establishment and development as the leading company in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetic, food supplement products market.

Financial information

Corporate financial information comprise the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, Profit Distribution Table and the Independent Auditors’ Report both for the Parent company of the group and its subsidiaries. The statements have been classified according to the financial year to which refer to.


The Vipharco, During the many years of operation on the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetic, food supplement market and in the realization of numbers projects has acquired proven and valuable experience. Some of the most interesting projects, as realized so cu one, will be described soon


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